Miniature Battlescape System

The MBS was developed to provide the wargamer with a high-quality, realistic playing surface. Unlike other systems we aimed to create a product that was realistically modelled and had a feel of some permanence about it. We also wanted to creade a product that represented good value for money. We know through our repeat orders that we have met our criteria.

The MBS consists at present of 300mm (1ft) square modules. These are most popular with wargamers who play from ancient times up to the modern day and with DBA/M players who with only 4 to 6 modules can have an endless variety of battlefield layouts which are strong, cheap and easy to store. The modules are suitable for all figure scales from 6mm up to 25mm with varying road and river widths available within the range. Layout details are provided with our design pack which is available from our mail order address (on the contact page).

The modules are constructed to give strength and durability (fig. 1). These modules will withstand a great deal of punishment in use due to their method of construction. They are made from a 20mm timber sub-frame, 4mm ply and 20mm sealed sundeala board.

fig. 1

All natural terrain features are modelled leaving the wargamer to place commercially available man-made features such as buildings, bridges, walls & fences etc. The modelling of the terrain itself uses various textures and is realistically modelled incorporating such details as small rocks and bushes. River modules feature rocks and bushes at the banks. All are fully painted and highlighted to a high standard. No polystyrene or scatter flocks are used in the modelling process, preferring each module to be build up using our various textures, forms and fillers, sealing these and hand finishing using paints and finally a coat of sealer.

fig. 2

The above shows our corner dirt road through broken gound with rock outcrops. (BS004/C)


The above shows an alternate T-Junction through grassland with hedges on both sides. (BS006/G)

Our fully illustrated colour brochure showing all modules and prices is available from our mail order address @ £5.00 - Brochures are also available at the Downloads page.